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Will Rogue Company ranked have drafts and bans?

With most shooters and competitive multiplayer games nowadays, a ranked mode is way to prove your gaming prowess. Ranked has already been confirmed to be coming to Rogue Company later in 2020. Will ranked in Rogue Company have bans or drafts?


Ban systems in other games often rotate between teams. The problems with bans is that they require a large pool of playable characters. In games like Smite, which currently has a 111 god pool, having ten gods banned doesn’t drastically restrict what is playable. With the current roster of 12 rogues in Rogue Company, I don’t think First Watch Games will go the route of bans until the roster grows. If they did include bans, they would have to limit it to 2 bans per team, since Demolition is a 4 vs 4 gamemode.


Drafts are more likely to be implemented in Rogue Company. With such a small roster, eliminating even rogues can drastically shake up the match-up. You might even see Saint insta-banned every game. Lead Rogue Company Producer Scott ‘Gandhi’ Lussier tweeted this in regards to the ranked system:

While this doesn’t cement in a draft mode for Rogue Company ranked, it does rule out bans for the time being. A draft mode does seem more plausible than banning rogues.

My thoughts

I am certain that bans will not be coming to Rogue Company ranked for awhile. This is mainly due to the small roster of rogues. While no duplicates may sound good on the surface, I think it will cause more problems in the long run. This means that whoever gets first pick can grab Saint, giving them the upper hand. Some players will not be happy with that.

No matter what route is taken, I’m sure Rogue Company ranked will be fun to play, and climbing through the ranks would be satisfying – and appropriately challenging.

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