Common mistakes you are still making in Smite

MOBAs can be very stressful to learn, but the learning curve is also what gets so many people into the genre. Smite is no exception, and there is lots to learn from every match, win or lose. The problem is that plenty of players don’t learn from their mistakes, and choose to instead blame balance or their teammates.

In this article, we look at the most common mistakes Smite players make.

Wards win games!

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first, *ahem* USE WARDS! We can’t count the number of games in which we’ve seen players either buying wards and not placing them, or not even buying them in the first place. The most common way players die is because they didn’t have information on where the enemy team is coming from. This is fixed by using wards: just placing them around the map will give you and your team the knowledge you need to survive.

Smite gives you a free ward before level 12, so you don’t even need to spend gold for vision. If you play a side lane, this could keep you safe from ganks. Instead of shouting at your team for not following the rotation or not calling missing, get some wards and put them down! Getting into the habit of placing wards and gaining vision control will help you out massively through all phases of the game. Also, before you say it: it is not only the support’s job to ward. It is everyone’s job, so start doing it more.

Smite mistakes
Here are a few places you could put wards to gain map vision in key areas

Why are you out of position?

The next common Smite mistake is bad positioning. Incidentally, getting caught out of position is usually a result of not warding enough. You didn’t have vision on the enemy team and they collapsed on you. The best way to remedy this is to look at the map as often as possible to keep tabs on the enemy team, as well as yours. If you are too far from your team and don’t know where the enemy is, you should look at getting back to your team.

Using the map alone will improve your positioning massively in all phases of the game. You can avoid ganks early on and be less of a target. In the mid-game, you can work out when and if rotations are coming, and where the enemy team is putting pressure. In the late game, you can just straight-up avoid being isolated from your team and gifting a free kill to the enemy team.

Proper positioning might not save you in every scenario, but it will help you die a lot less for sure.

Not prioritizing the right items

Itemization can be the key to winning in Smite. Just because a pro used a build once, it doesn’t mean it works for every match! Yes, there are core items that you need on certain gods, but the last two to three items are situational. There are plenty of games that we see players not getting a necessary item to counter the enemy team. An example would be playing against an Aphro and Achilles – who both have high amounts of healing – and not getting anti-heal items, letting them run the game.

Smite mistakes
Both Pestilence and Contagion are great Anti-heal items.

Itemization can be scary for new players, as you can get overwhelmed by the numbers and effects. We are not saying that you need to know what every item does in full detail, you just need to know when to bring out specific items. The enemy team has a lot of magic damage? Then why do you have so much physical protection?! Are there two ADC’s on the enemy team? Then why haven’t you taken Midgardian or Nemean Lion?!

The best thing to do is look at what the enemy team has and try to counter them. Just be aware of what is happening in your game.

Thinking the game is over after five minutes

We all have bad games. A rough start doesn’t mean the game is over. Sometimes just waiting it out and weathering the storm can turn the game in your favor. The saying “just stay relevant” is perfect here. If you’re having a bad game, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around. Just wait for an opening, or for one of your carries to come online. The amount of games where a team has a late-game comp and F6 after 15 minutes is astronomical. If you are running a late-game team comp and suffering, you just have to stem the bleeding and wait it out.

Say you stayed in the game and are waiting it out: do more. Another common mistake for Smite players is to do nothing productive while their team tries to stabilize. Farm, push a lane out, or just help your team out as much as you can. Just don’t dive in, thinking you are going to turn the tables with one play.

Why are you going in?!

Speaking of diving, plenty of Smite players think the only way back into the game is to whip the enemy team. Yes, that is a good option, but it is not the only solution, so stop trying to force a fight without your team! This happens very predictable: it’s usually one player going in 1v3, thinking they can either win or get a pick. They dive too deep and their team can’t save them. All this achieves is putting them further behind.

This is a mistake plenty of players make when they are either ahead and think they are untouchable, or when they aren’t paying attention. When you are ahead you feel like a literal god (insert laugh for poor pun). What you don’t know is that you have a target on your back. You can’t just run in and expect to win a 1v3. Firstly, you aren’t release King Arthur or release Bellona so this won’t go well for you. Secondly, if you are miles away from your team how do you expect them to help you out of the situation? We spoke about awareness earlier, and good map awareness is usually a lot more useful than a lucky pick.

Hopefully, this guide will help you improve on these common mistakes. If there are common Smite mistakes you think need covering, let us know! In the meantime, if you enjoy our Smite content check out our overview of Mulan ahead of her release next week.

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