Everything we know about Danzaburou in Smite

The gods of Smite need a hero to face off against Cthulhu. The powers-that-be at Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge sent them… a tanuki. The jolly musket-wielding, sake-drinking Danzaburou is the next god for Smite, and we’ve got the juicy details on this latest addition to the roster. Prepare to be bamboozled.

According to the update show featuring Danzaburou, story-wise he’s effectively comic relief. Tanuki are quite famous in Japanese folklore, and you can probably think of a couple Nintendo characters based on them. They aren’t inherently evil, but they certainly are tricksters. The official trailer above shows Danzaburou picking on poor Kuzenbo.

In Smite, Danzaburou is a Hunter. Obviously as a Hunter, he’s good in the carry role in the duo lane, but some content creators have found him dominant in the mid lane as well.

Passive: Dubious Savings

This passive is sort of like Fafnir’s passive, in that it requires gold to work, but the similarities end there. According to the in-game ability text, 10% of any gold Danzaburou actively earns is “invested” in a pouch. Once the pouch fills  up, Danzaburou earns bonus gold and a permanent physical power boost. After each pouch fills up, it’s replaced with an incrementally larger pouch.

How much larger each pouch gets will ultimately determine how balanced this passive is. However, it has the potential to be very powerful.

Ability 1: Fool’s Gold

This this ability, Danzaburou throws out three “money bags.” These bags pass through and damage minions, stopping at the first god hit.  Any gods hit by the bags are damaged and also Intoxicated, dropping a gold coin that Danzaburou and his allies can pick up for bonus gold. Not only that, but the bags eventually explode. Talk about utility!

The coins only provide about 10 gold, so they’re not that important to pick up. That said, if players can keep Danzaburou’s cooldowns low, they can keep using this ability to generate more gold coins to pick up. Over the course of the entire game, the bonus gold could prove impactful.

Ability 2: Alluring Spirits

Danzaburou first takes a sip from one of his many sake bottles, regaining health. Then he tosses it forward, damaging enemies in the area where it lands. Enemies in the area are Slowed, and Taunted towards the sake bottle.

Just like Danzaburou’s Fool’s Gold ability, this one can most likely be exploited best when his cooldowns are low. The initial heal will definitely be a factor in how powerful this ability is, but the fact that it effectively pins players in place for a moment is nothing to sneeze at either.

Ability 3: Tanuki Trickery

This one’s a bit weird. Danzaburou creates a small field in which he moves faster, is immune to Slows, and takes less damage from basic attacks. Furthermore, enemies who enter this field are Slowed by 20%. If Danzaburou leaves this field, he turns into a leaf decoy, summoning other leaf decoys in the process. In leaf form, he moves faster, is immune to Slows, and can pass through enemy gods.

This ability is Danzaburou’s escape, in case that wasn’t obvious. The thing is, it can be a bit tricky to use, as the field disappears the moment Danzaburou leaves it (heh). The Slow cleanse is the best part of this ability.  However, if enemies hit him while in leaf decoy form, it immediately ends. Danzaburou players shouldn’t make it too obvious which direction they’re headed while concealed.

Ultimate: Uproarious Rocket

This is probably Danzaburou’s most straightforward ability. It’s literally a homing missile! Danzaburou can aim it within 180 degrees of the spot he casts it from, and a field indicator will show the lock-on range. If that wasn’t cool enough, pressing the ability button again before the rocket fires will make Danzaburou ride the rocket Dr. Strangelove style. While riding it, he can directly control it! The rocket damages and stuns whichever enemy god it directly hits, and has splash damage that’s 50% of the original impact.

This is meant as a damaging ability, but we predict that intrepid players can use it as a second method of escape if Tanuki Trickery isn’t enough for some reason. Any way players use it, it still looks cool.

Danzaburou will probably a very popular pick in Smite upon his release in December.  His kit looks just plain fun to play. Depending on how players use it, it could become overpowered. Then again, this is to be expected of Hi-Rez, as they have a pattern of overtuning gods on release and then nerfing (or buffing) them once they have sufficient data to do so.

What do  you think of Danzaburou in Smite? Do you plan on playing Danzaburou upon release, and how do you plan to build him if you are? As always, please let us know in the comments below!

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