Everything we know about Tsukuyomi in Smite

Many Smite fans were wondering exactly how Hi-Rez Studios were going to follow up the huge (quite literally) release of Cthulhu and the latest battle pass. For a while, Hi-Rez have been teasing the next Smite god to be Tsukuyomi, Japanese god of the moon. In the June 22 update show, Daniel “PonPon” Cooper finally went into detail about this new character, and he looks as hype as a ninja. Probably because Tsukuyomi is one in Smite.

What role Tsukuyomi will play in the Smite storyline isn’t really clear yet, but hints have been dropped that Tsukuyomi will be on the more sinister side of things. In-game, Tsukuyomi’s class is Assassin, and PonPon said he would do well in the Jungle or Solo roles in a Conquest team. Let’s get into what has been revealed about Tsukuyomi and his kit in Smite.

Passive: Shingetsu & Mangetsu

These words are the names of Tsukuyomi’s weapons. By scoring hits with them, they gain additional powers. Shingetsu gains the ability to cleave when empowered, and Mangetsu does bonus damage. When empowered, they also restore mana and health respectively on successful hits. PonPon noted that this is basically an incentive for Tsukuyomi to stay in teamfights. Lifesteal items could possibly augment this passive really well.

Ability 1: Dark Moon Shuriken

It’s a shuriken, enough said. Okay, there’s a lot more to it than that, but the basic idea is it’s a projectile attack. What’s notable about this shuriken is that it can actually be retrieved if it successfully hits an enemy. Retrieving the shuriken reduces the cooldown of this ability by 40%. Also, after firing this ability, Tsukuyomi’s next basic attack is done with Shingetsu and it becomes a ranged attack which steals movement speed from any enemy player it hits.

Ability 2: Kusarigama

As if Tsukuyomi’s weapons weren’t dangerous enough, in his second ability he swings them around on chains! Tsukuyomi does three swings total – one left, one right, and one directly in front of him. Those hit by his left or right swings are Disarmed, while the front hit Stuns. We can see intrepid players do some quick turns with this ability to strike potential targets with all three strikes.

Ability 3: Silver Moon Caltrops

Tsukuyomi drops caltrops in a crescent shape formation around him. Any enemy who steps on these caltrops when they’re dropped is slowed and they keep taking damage if they keep moving over them. PonPon noted that it’s possible for enemies to avoid damage from the caltrops if they stand still within them. But that’s not all – just like the first ability, using the Silver Moon Caltrops turns your next basic attack into a ranged attack. However, this one is done using Mangetsu and it deals bonus true damage!

Ultimate Ability: Piercing Moonlight

Tsukuyomi shoots four beams of light directly in front of him. These beams of light “tag” enemies they hit for an ultra-cool follow-up: after he’s done firing, Tsukuyomi dashes to each struck target, doing damage with each dash! It’s straight out of an action anime. However, you end your ultimate at the last target to which you dashed. Enemies can potentially use this to their advantage. PonPon noted that in playtesting, one target hit with Tsukuyomi’s ultimate was under a tower, and Tsukuyomi ended up under that same tower, resulting in his demise. Clever!

What do you think about Tsukuyomi and his role in Smite? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned to SQUAD for more Smite coverage!

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