Hi-Rez MOBA Smite is coming to the Epic Games Store

Smite has joined the free-to-play catalog on the Epic Games Store. Along with hero shooter Paladins, Smite is the third title from Hi-Rez to be added to the Epic Games Store. Rogue Company, Hi-Rez’s new multiplayer tactical shooter – currently in closed alpha – has been confirmed to be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC.

Growth for Smite

Smite is in a very strong spot currently, and is steadily on the rise. It’s a unique third person take on the MOBA genre, and its wide cast of playable gods – now reaching 108 with the release of Baba Yaga – caters to all kinds of play styles. Smite boasts monthly updates along with in-game events.

Smite has also had a growing player base. The game broke 20,000 concurrent players on Steam this March. The addition of Smite to the Epic Games Store will only boost this growth further.

Smite Epic Games
Smite’s Steam concurrent player base growth

Starter bundle

As with Paladins, the Epic Games Store is including a free bundle for those who install Smite through them. This bundle includes the gods Cerberus, Cupid, Thanatos, Anubis and Sun Wukong. In addition to unlocking the gods, you also receive an exclusive skin for each of the gods, as well as their respective voice packs. The bundle will enable you to play any of the five roles within Conquest, Smite’s 5v5 gamemode. There is no reason to not snag this bundle for free while you can. It will be available until May 12.

Do I think Hi-Rez will drop Smite and Paladins from Steam? I doubt it. Although Rogue Company is set for an Epic Games Store exclusive release, Hi-Rez would be making a bold move removing their other titles from Steam. What I can predict however, is that Hi-Rez will push for a release of Realm Royale, Hi-Rez’s battle royale game, on the Epic Games Store next.

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