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Smite is a little less lenient of a MOBA when it comes to who plays in what role. In Smite, duo lane – also known as the long lane – usually consists of a Hunter and either a Warrior or Guardian as a support. Mages generally stick to the middle lane. So how can you play a Mage as an ADC in Smite?


There are four main Smite gods that are meant to be built for a basic attack playstyle. While there are a few others that can also fit in, these three have the kits best suited for playing as an ADC. Usually these kits include a stim, or buff to attack speed or basic attack damage.

Chronos can be a strong team player and excels at disrupting the enemy team with his stun. His passive, Time Lord, gives him a magical power buff the longer the game goes on. This can make Chronos quite the powerhouse in long games. His ultimate, Rewind, is a great get out of jail free card that can send him back 8 seconds, restoring health and mana and resetting ability cooldowns. His stun ability also reduces attack speed, making him a solid counter to hunters and auto attack gods.

Freya has seen many different variations of her kit over the years, but one thing has remained the same:  an AOE auto attack buff and magical basic attack damage buff. This combo has kept Freya an excellent Mage ADC choice, but also a strong AOE powerhouse. Banish is a strong form of crowd control, but it can sometimes screw over your team if not used correctly. Valkyrie’s Discretion can be great for cleaning up kills, but can also be used for getting out of sticky situations and repositioning.

Mage ADC Smite

Olorun is one of the more unique gods in Smite, due to his ability to have magical critical hits from his passive. With an attack speed buff and a solid lane clearing ability, he is great for early lane pressure. However, Olorun can be weak when not properly supported by his team, and is easily countered by both crowd control and crowd control immunity. His ultimate, Sanctified Field, is very strong and can swing a teamfight, but boasts a super long cooldown. When his ultimate is on cooldown, Olorun can be easily dove and shut down.

Sol is one of my favorite mages to play in Smite, due to her ability to both play ADC and Mid Lane. Her Heat meter gives her additional attack speed and magical damage as she lands basic attacks and casts abilities. With a heal and an immunity, Sol can easily reposition if she gets dove or ganked by the enemy team. Her ultimate, Supernova, can easily break up a teamfight with its knockback.


The build for a Mage ADC in Smite focuses on three items: Ring of Hecate, Telkhines Ring and Demonic Ring. These are the holy trifecta of items that buff out basic attacks and attack speed. As a starter item, you should build Hunter’s Blessing. Ring of Hecate decreases the power of your enemy while increasing your power upon landing basic attacks. With its 20% lifesteal and 30% attack speed, it makes a great first item to build after you complete boots.

After completing Shoes of Focus and Ring of Hecate, you should build Spear of the Magus and then Typhon’s Fang. This will give you flat penetration and some percentage penetration.

Next, grab Telkhines Ring, to add extra auto attack damage, and then Demonic Grip to reduce magical protections. Once you have enough gold to buy the Elixir of Speed, sell your Shoes of Focus to buy Hastened Ring. This will allow you to chase enemies down during a fight, and mitigate the basic attack movement speed penalty.

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