Izanami is back in Smite Season 7 and could be a dominant pick

Despite the reworks to magical hunters, Izanami will be a force to be reckoned with in season 7

It’s that time of year again: the time for theory-crafting what will be strong in the new season of Smite. With a lot of changes coming in this season, especially to magical hunters, everyone is working out what will be strong and what to use. With her recent buff, Izanami is now part of the conversation for go-to hunters in Smite Season 7.

Izanami has been known in Smite as the objective shred queen. She can take down towers and jungle bosses with little problem. She has good wave clear as well, but not much else to help her early. In the late game she can carry as well as any hunter, but is very susceptible early on. The cooldown changes to her Spectral Projection will greatly improve this, as it will give her more of a chance to wave clear and use it for poke.

As you can seem from the Patch notes, a lot of good things are coming Iza’s way (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

However, the biggest change to her is the return damage on her basic attacks. Iza’s basics now do 35% of her basic damage – previous 25% – on return. This is a huge buff and can really pack a punch for her, especially if you can clear wave and poke at the same time.

The extra 10% is more damage, obviously, but it’s not just that. Early on, when hunters are at their most vulnerable, it means Izanami will hit harder than most hunters in Smite. Late game it’ll be a difference-maker as well, as the penetration items – which were getting nerfed – have been slightly buffed. We know this last tidbit courtesy of Smite lead designer A. J. “Ajax” Walker, who mentioned it on Twitter. This means that later on in a match, Izanami is still swinging hard, and isn’t as reliant and her Sickle Storm ability.

Last but not least, the new buffs to Poisoned Star and Wind Demon can provide even more for Izanami. Taking one of these items could increase your damage output, but will be a hindrance to your objective shred, so weight up the options carefully.

We believe Izanami can have a huge impact in Smite Season 7 duo lane. She has gotten stronger, and was already a good pick last season. It is only a matter of time until we find out how strong certain picks are in the new season, but be assured Iza is one to look out for.

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