Smite Pro League kicks off on April 4, after weeks of COVID-19 delays

The Smite Pro League kicks off week one finally this weekend. After TitanForge Games had to delay the start due to the coronavirus outbreak, fans will be treated to professional Smite action. In this article, we look ahead to the opening weeks’ games, and highlight a few players and things to keep your eye on in week one.

The original start of the season was set for March 14. The season may have been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped fans from getting hyped. If you haven’t already, check out our article on the teams competing in the SPL this year and their rosters for the upcoming season.

This first week well see all four teams play once, which will allow fans to see what each team is bringing for season 7. The Smite Challenger Circuit has been ongoing for a few weeks already, giving fans their competitive Smite fix. It isn’t the Smite Pro League, however, although it has very talented players and teams that could challenge teams in the Smite Pro League.

Can Rival start strong?

Two strong Smite teams kick off the new season of Smite as eUnited will face Team Rival. eUnited have brought in a very strong line-up to the new season and a lot of talk has been around Harry “Variety” Cumming linking up with Lucas “Screammmmm” Spracklin on the solo and jungle side.

Meanwhile, Team Rival will be looking to break their runner-up curse again this season after finishing second for the third year in a row. It will be hard to tell how this match will go, but it’s a great way to start the new season.

Smite Pro League Kickoff
Rival have been runners up for so long is this the year they finally lift the hammer? (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Current world champions against the new super team

Following them will be defending champions Pittsburgh Knights (formally SK Gaming) going against Ghost Gaming. This is another incredible match to start the new season. PK picked up the reigning world champions and added Anders “Qvofred” Korsbo in place of Samuel “Sam4soccer2” Waxman in the offseason. This was a shock to plenty of fans, but will be interesting to see how the team works around their new jungler.

Ghost Gaming is a new organization in Smite and have quite the roster for their opening year: four former world champions, one of the best mids in the league, and an incredible coach. If Ghost can get off to a good start then they might just run away with it this season. It will be interesting to see if they can break the super team curse, or if they will be another casualty to it.

Smite Pro League kickoff
Last years world champions will have to defend their title without their MVP jungler (Picture: SK Gaming)

Sanguine finally make it to the SPL

Sanguine Esports took Rogue’s spot in the offseason and brought in their Smite Minor League team from last year to the Smite Pro League 2020. This Sanguine roster has been around the scene for years and it’s great to see them finally get their shot in the SPL. They made it to the world championships last season, but can they prove they can beat some big teams in the league this time around? They’ll have to pick up the pace quickly, as there are no “easy” games in the SPL. Sanguine will start their season against Obey Alliance.

Obey has brought together a team of personalities, including names the fans will recognize from around the Smite community, Kurt “Weak3n” Thaddeus Schray, Alexandru “Wlfy” Lefterică, and James “Duck3y” Heseltine being the three most well known. The team struggled last year, but with a few changes, they will be looking to have a better season. They have a very good roster, that will just need to blend well together and show they aren’t pushovers in this league.

Will AwesomeJake prove himself to the doubters?

Finally, on Sunday we’ll see Spacestation Gaming face off against Renegades. The new SSG roster face off against their old organization, and have added one final piece to their arsenal. After Kieran “Funballer” Patidar retired from professional Smite last years, the MSI winners brought a new hunter, Liam “Vote” Shanks. The team was regarded as one of the best last year and with their new pick up could be in for another strong year, maybe even be able to give Craig “iRaffer” Rathbone his third world title. Their opening challenge will be against the Renegades roster.

Smite Pro League Kickoff
Raffer and his side won MSI last year, can they do one better this year and win his third ring (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Last year, John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter had a rough year on the old SSG roster. This time around he comes in with a fresh new team and a new support after long time duo lane partner Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi left the SPL. This new squad will look to shock the league and challenge a few of the top teams.

The biggest talking point for their opening game is Jacob “AwesomeJake408” Amaniera as the new support on the scene. Many fans believe he could be the weak link in this team. He’ll have the chance to show how good he is by facing off against one of the best teams in the league, and one of the best supports Smite has ever seen in iRaffer.

The first week will be action-packed for sure, as the competition this year is a lot tighter and teams will be playing every week. We’ll be able to see what each team has been doing in offseason scrims, and what the pro meta is. The world championship is a long way off, and we have plenty of Smite between now and then, but teams will want to start making a case for that title this weekend.

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