All Smite Pro League 2020 rosters are now official

After a long off season, all the teams for the new season of the SPL have been announced

After the changes to the Smite Pro League for the upcoming season, a lot of players and orgs have left the League. With less spots available and some big names leaving, this opened up a lot of possibilities for new players and new orgs to come into the scene and make an impact. It has also given us a lot of different possible teams that could join up together. Today we take an in-depth look at all the confirmed rosters.

Pittsburgh Knights – World Champions Improve Their Roster?

Pittsburgh Knights had a super team last season and look to bring in a new one this year. They picked up last season’s world champions SK Gaming, but with a new addition. Zapman, Neirumah, Paul and Belair – now renaming back to ScaryD – bring in a new jungler for Season 7: Qvofred.

This can be seen as a risk – losing sam4soccer2 after an MVP performance at worlds – but Qvofred has been regarded as one of the best players in Smite over the past few years. The team looks stacked enough for back to back world championships, but it all depends on how well they synergize together. This will fall onto their coach from last season, ElChuckles, who is staying with the team after a successful 2019 run.

Sanguine Esports – LATAM Represent

After Rogue left the SPL before the free agency period even started, Sanguine jumped on their spot to bring the LATAM team that made worlds to the SPL. They are the only org and team to not make a single change in the offseason, bringing Netrioid, Ronngyu, Sheento, Panitom and Jarcorrr to the SPL. This is the first time these players will be in the SPL, and if their impressive gauntlet run gave us anything to go on, they could challenge a lot of teams this season. This could be the dark horse team of 2020. They will even keep their coach from last season, Oxiledeon, which really shows how much this team wanted to stay together

Team Rival – Time to Break the Curse?

Team Rival have finished second at the last three world championships. Last year they looked the favorites and seemed like they could finally break the curse, only to fall to SK Gaming. This season they find themselves having to replace Arkkyl, after he announced he wont be playing in the SPL this season.

Rival are solving this was by moving CaptainTwig from jungle back to mid, bringing in new jungler, and moving PandaCat back to the hunter role. After his MVP performance against them at Smite worlds, sam4soccer2 is also joining Team Rival. Finally, the team will also keep PBM, fineokay and sLainy after working really well together last season.

SpaceStation Gaming – EU’s Last Team

In last season of Smite Pro League, only two teams consisted of players from the EU region. Now only one remains, and that is the old Renegades roster. The team that won MSI after having visa problems has mostly kept it together with iRaffer, Nika, Dardez and Cherryo staying for Season 7. Funballer announced he had no intention to play this season, which meant the team needed a new hunter: enter VoteNBK.

Vote was on the PK super team last season, and looks to join up with this SSG team to show again why he is regarded as one of the best hunters in Smite.

SpaceStation could have another great season. They fell to SK Gaming in the 2019 Semi-finals after a gruelling set. Could they go a little further this year? We’ll have to wait and see, but it is likely to happen if they play as well as they did last year.

Renegades – Barra but no Jeff?

After a rough Season 7 for the duo of Jeff and Barra, this turned out to be their last season together. Jeff ended up retiring, leaving Barra looking to build a team alone, which he did, and it’s a strong team to boot. BaRRaCCuDDa, Venenu, Lasbra and SoloOrTroll will be joined this season by a new face to the SPL: Awesomejake408. Jake has been a known name in NA ranked for a long time, and has now been given a chance in the Smite Pro League.

It will be interesting to see how he adapts to the SPL, and how his teammates will help accommodate him for the season. He won’t be the only variable on the team; Barra and Venenu have worked together before with mixed success. SoloOrTroll played a lot of last season with Venenu, so there is some synergy in the team already. Renegades coach Rowe has been regarded as one of the best in the league, after his success with the old NRG team; he can even solo if need be. We hope he manages to channel strong teamwork among all the existing and newly-integrated talent on this roster.

Ghost Gaming – The Second Coming of AdapKing?

Adapting has been regarded as one of the best players in Smite Pro League since Season 2. Last year was arguably his worst – not from personal performance, but rather his team’s. PK had a lot of internal problems that they were trying to fix, and it affected their gameplay.

This season however he has a new “super team”, linking up with Aror and CycloneSpin who have been one of the best duo partnerships over the last few years. Add the ever consistent Benji in the solo lane, and that is four former world champions on the team. Rounding them off is BigManTingz, who has become a standout performer in the mid lane over the last few years. This team could really challenge for the top few places all season. Last but not least, coach Biggy was instrumental in having Dignitas go undefeated for a lot of the first half of the season.

eUnited – Variety and Scream Will Be Scary Together

eUnited’s team may not be one that looks unstoppable on paper, but it will work really well together. Variety and Scream have been regarded as very strong players in their role. Qvo and Variety had a synergy similar to SoloOrTroll and Scream last season, and we think they will gel really well together.

Add to that Hurriwind, who has a very strong synergy with Variety from last season, and can help provide a lot of utility for both of them. Snoopy and Eonic will reunite after working well with each other last season, and can provide a lot of consistency in the duo lane. Coach Cardiac will be the one making sure this team works well together. Although eUnited will take sets of some of the bigger teams, we do think they will float around mid table for most of the season.

Obey Alliance – Personalities everywhere

Some of the most noticeable members of the Smite community are linking up together this season. Obey picked up the old Trifecta roster halfway through last season, and looks to stay in Smite Pro League this season. They keep Weak3n, Wowy and Duk3y, who all showed they can work well together. This left gaps in mid and support, which were filled with two very strong names in Smite: Inbowned and Wlfy.

Inbowned will be coming from the old console league, and could be a very strong support this season. Wlfy took a year out but he is back to the Smite Pro League. He is still regarded as one of the best mids in Smite, and it will be interesting to see what the year out did for him.

Ksier will remain to coach the team as well. He has a great relationship with this roster, and could help Obey grow even more after they started to improve at the end of last season.

We still have plenty of time until the start of Season 7 of the Smite Pro League, which gives teams plenty of time to get to know each other and work on synergy before the season starts on March 13.

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