Smite Pro League Season 7 week 2 Recap – Radiance win streak continues

The second weekend of the Smite Pro League is in the books, and we’ve had some genuinely thrilling matches! The trend of all the matches in the Smite Pro League being 2-0 wins continues. Radiance continues to go undefeated, and meanwhile Obey Alliance continues to struggle to find their footing. Sanguine have demonstrated that they are here to play and play well, as they continue to come out swinging in each match.

Let’s do a quick breakdown of each of the SPL matches from the past weekend.

Match 1: eUnited vs. Radiance

Radiance continued to exert their dominance in the Smite Pro League via their match against eUnited on April 10. Their first game against eUnited proved decisive as they maintained a kill lead through much of the match. eUnited did put up some signs of resistance, but ultimately couldn’t keep up with Radiance. An end-game Deicide caused by a disastrous attempt by eUnited to steal the Fire Giant sealed the deal, as Radiance were able to close out game 1 with a kill score of 18-9.

eUnited kept the game closer in game 2. They managed to score an early game lead. However, that lead eventually evaporated. Even though they were ahead in kills, Radiance were still able to outpace them in objectives and farming. This allowed Radiance to end the game in their favor as they took down eUnited’s titan.

Match 2: Renegades vs. Team Rival

Much of game 1 saw Renegades dominating. The difference was slight at first, but Renegades eventually managed to pull away. However, Smite is a game where anything can happen. A catastrophic team fight for Renegades late game gave Team Rival just enough of an opening to snatch victory away from them.

Team Rival took their newfound momentum in game 2 and ran with it. They controlled the early game with Benjamin “CaptainTwig” Knight’s Poseidon pick. Although Jacob “SoloOrTroll” High proved to be the more productive solo laner in the early game over Alec “Fineokay” Fonzo, the rest of Renegades didn’t perform nearly as well. This allowed Fineokay to eventually prove dominant, and Team Rival overtook Renegades in game 2 in convincing fashion.

renagades rival spl smite pro league s7

Match 3: Sanguine vs. Spacestation Gaming

If there was any doubt about Sanguine’s abilities to play Smite, those doubts have now been cleared. Sanguine have proven they’re here to stay. Many observers favored Spacestation Gaming heavily at first, but Sanguine found the cracks in the SSG foundation and used them to come out on top. Poor Liam “Vote” Shanks became Sanguine’s punching bag throughout both games. SSG did show signs of life occasionally throughout each game, but Sanguine were able to quash any hopes of turning it around.

Maksim “PandaCat” Yanevich of Team Rival bore witness to the inadvertent slaughter of SSG at the hands of Sanguine and, in Twitch chat, joined in the copy pasta shaming of SSG: “I think SSG look good, they just need to work on communication, mechanics, map awareness, securing gold furies, Vote not feeding, drafts, calls, ganks, fire giant dances, bigger godpools, positioning, playing from behind, building and getting kills.”

Match 4: Pittsburgh Knights vs. Obey Alliance

Speaking of slaughter, this one was pretty much no contest. Although Obey Alliance’s Week 1 loss against Sanguine could be chalked up to underestimating their opponents, in this match Obey knew what they were up against. Even seeing the freight train coming, Obey Alliance were unable to stop it as Pittsburgh Knights obliterated them. Nothing seemed to go right for Obey, from the draft, to claiming objectives, and beyond.

Obey are not bad players, at least not individually. What this match proved is that they have serious teamwork issues they needed to sort out. At least from this point they have nowhere to go but up in that regard.

Match 5: eUnited vs. Renegades

This match was closer than some others we saw this weekend, but Renegades eventually came out on top over eUnited. Game 1 was a real back and forth battle as both teams jockeyed for positions. Still, eUnited couldn’t pull ahead of Renegades in time for them to run away with the victory.

Game 2 was a bit more decisive in favor of Renegades. They were able to control the pace of the game for the most part, consistently out-farming and out-killing eUnited. eUnited showed some signs of life near the end game, as they were able to get a few kills and fend off a few of the sieges from Renegades. But it certainly wasn’t enough as eUnited were just delaying the inevitable against Renegades.

obey smite spl premier league season 7

Match 6: Radiance vs. Obey Alliance

Obey Alliance knew they had to step up their game against currently undefeated team Radiance. In the first game, they at least attempted to do so, and it looked to be working. Obey were consistently taking objectives away from Radiance, and they picked their fights effectively to stay ahead in kills. Late game however, something went horribly wrong. Obey seemed to lose steam and one costly mistake after another allowed Radiance to swing things into their favor to win game 1.

Game 2 was simply more clinical dominance from Radiance, as Obey, still reeling from their game 1 loss, were unable to put up any more resistance. The lessons they learned from game 1 apparently didn’t apply to game 2 as they continued to flounder against Radiance, and Obey lost 0-2. At least they can only get better from here.

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