Smite Pro League week 6 recap: Obey do the impossible

The Smite Pro League delivered some more edge-of-your-seat action this weekend, with more startling victories! One of those victories, as you probably have guessed from the title, is from Obey Alliance. With their new jungler Brooks “Cyno” Mattey, they took a set away from Sanguine, of all teams. Meanwhile, Radiance lost some of their steam as they dropped two matches this weekend. Lastly, Team Rival became a freight train as they continued their win streak.

Here’s a recap of this past weekend’s Smite Pro League matches.

Match 1: eUnited vs. Team Rival

This set seemed to last forever, as both teams appeared evenly matched. This may come as a surprise, as eUnited didn’t have the best win record going into this set. Nevertheless, they held their own against Team Rival, but still ultimately lost. Game 1 wasn’t exactly the cleanest of battles for either side, going past the 40 minute mark before Team Rival clawed their way to eUnited’s Titan and took it out. eUnited struck back in Game 2 in what would be another 40 minute-plus game, as more back-and-forth fighting eventually wore down Team Rival.

In Game 3, it appeared Team Rival had had enough. They kept pushing forward and never looked back. Their aggression ultimately paid off, as eUnited buckled under their assault quicker than they did in Game 1.

Match 2: Pittsburgh Knights vs. Radiance

This match surprised even the most ardent followers of the Smite Pro League. It demonstrated that maybe the Radiance super team isn’t as super as once thought. Game 1 saw the Pittsburgh Knights take it slow, eventually scoring some uncontested kills that put them in the lead against Radiance. PK ran it down mid once their lead was large enough, and managed to score a victory against Radiance before the 40 minute mark.

Radiance wasn’t about to take it lying down, however. Thanks to some smart plays by Maxwell “Aror” Jackson and Kennet “Adapting” Ros, Radiance were able to secure an early lead and use that to bring down PK’s Titan in under half an hour. Radiance looked to keep up the pressure in Game 3, but they ran out of momentum part-way through. One particular Fire Giant fight turned out disastrous for Radiance, as PK scored a near Deicide, and from there, PK seized the opportunity to snatch victory away from Radiance’s jaws.

Match 3: Obey Alliance vs. Sanguine

This was Cyno’s debut as Obey Alliance’s jungler, and this match proved he was here to stay. Not only that, but he helped Obey Alliance accomplish what was once thought impossible for them – taking a set away from a top-tier Smite Pro League team! They even managed to start off on the right foot with Game 1, as they a lead after some decisive team fights went their way thanks to Cyno. Sanguine did respond in Game 2 when they managed to organize a strong counter-offensive to tie up the set.

Game 3 really demonstrated the power that Cyno’s Nike jungle pick brought to the table. Nike’s normally supposed to be a tanky pick, but in Cyno’s hands she was a killer. Pair that up with Alexandru “Wlfy” Lefterică popping off in the mid lane, and you get a recipe for success, as Obey Alliance finally find a set victory in the Smite Pro League after much blood, sweat, and tears.

Smite Pro League Obey victory

Match 4: Spacestation Gaming vs. Renegades

Spacestation Gaming managed to secure a top 3 spot on the Smite Pro League leaderboard following their victory against Renegades, and they did it in style. They clinically dominated the Renegades in Game 1, where both team fights and objective control went in SSG’s favor. Game 2 saw the Renegades put up much more of a fight. Even though SSG found early kills on the Renegades, they made them pay for each one. SSG ultimately found the victory, however, thanks to some clever split-pushing on the part of Liam “Vote” Shanks. That split-pushing along with just sheer raw perseverance on the part of SSG eventually found them the Game 2 and set victory.

Match 5: eUnited vs. Radiance

The Radiance super team is beginning to lose some of what made them super, and eUnited were the ones to expose this. Radiance is still good, but if earlier in this split you were to ask us who would win at this stage, we would’ve said Radiance. That was not to be this time as eUnited took both games in what was otherwise a hotly contested set. Game 1 saw things go in eUnited’s favor fairly quickly. They seemed to be the dominant team as they quickly burned down Radiance’s defenses to score victory in the first game of the set.

Radiance regained some of their footing in Game 2, but sadly it still wasn’t good enough to overcome a newly confident eUnited. Radiance was able to secure an early to mid game lead over eUnited in gold, but some secured objectives from eUnited later corrected that. This included an absolutely insane Fire Giant steal by Lucas “Screammmmm” Spracklin, playing Bastet. From there, we saw some nail-biting back-and-forth action, but eUnited ultimately prevailed to secure Game 2 and the set.

Match 6: Team Rival vs. Renegades

This match saw Team Rival temporarily asleep at the wheel, but not for long. Rival cruised easily to a Game 1 victory as they were able to secure objectives for free and steamroll the Renegades. However, in Game 2 the Renegades took advantage of an overconfident Team Rival. Even though Rival got an early lead, Renegades made them pay for it, and the game turned into an absolute bloodbath because of it. One heroic base defense on the part of Renegades later and the game turned on its head, and from there Renegades secured the Game 2 victory.

Team Rival weren’t about to let that Renegades victory go unanswered, though.

Between Alec “Fineokay” Fonzo’s beastly plays with Sobek and some nasty multi-kills by Samuel “Sam4soccer2” Waxman with Awilix, Team Rival reasserted their dominance. They whittled down Renegades’ early lead and then stepped on the gas until they won Game 3 and the set.

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