Smite Season 7 Conquest: hit or miss?

Season 7 of Smite, also know as Conquest, was released this week. The new season is clearly looking to improve on the previous, but the reviews have been mixed so far. Plenty of casual players and pros have praised Season 7, but there are many that think that nothing has really changed.

2019 was a very good year for Smite, if you exclude the Invade meta towards the end of the season. The meta wasn’t as strict as in previous years, and you could more or less play any god effectively. This season it seems TitanForge wants to build on this, while also countering the resurgence of Invade meta. However, some big personalities from the Smite community have expressed their belief that Conquest hasn’t improved enough, and feels very similar to last season.

Smite streamer Melissa “thebesttaco” Posada isn’t the only one who feels underwhelmed by the changes. She more or less summarizes a sentiment expressed by many others in the game’s community.

And yet, even as people disparage it, others seem to be finding a lot of good in Smite Season 7.

It seems that whether Conquest is moving Smite in the right direction seems to heavily depend on personal perspective. For his part, Smite community representative Wraithyn broke it down to how each role has been impacted in the new season.

Season 6 had plenty to go off. It was probably one of the strongest years in Smite‘s history, so it makes sense for the game to expand on this in the new season. Don’t fix what isn’t broken is how to old saying goes, and it seems that TitanForge have kept to this mentality with Conquest.

We also know from experience that if anything in Smite is perceived overly negatively, changes and fixes are inbound. There are always mid-season patches that freshen up the game to keep it interesting, and some can be literally game-changing.

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