Smite Season 7 gives Sol a serious boost

The buffs made to Mage ADC items will give Sol and others like her a new breath of life in the duo lane

The new season of Smite is only a few weeks away from the full release. Titan Forge has shown a lot of love to magical ADCs with new items and buffs to key items. Sol is one of the magical ADCs that will benefit from these changes. We recently looked at a physical ADC, and will now look at the changes to a magical adc.

Sol has been a forgotten pick in the professional Smite scene. Chronos and Freya have been strong favorites for a lot of pros in recent seasons. Sol hasn’t felt the love the other two have, but things look like they could change. The changes to Dynasty Plate Helm and new item Tyrannical Plate Helm will allow her to be safer in lane.

Magical ADCs famously struggle early on in lane, and these items will give early protections that can allow them to get through the rough patch. Sol will benefit massively from this, and will be able to get clear away from danger more easily and return to a safe position.

The ring tree is the bread and butter in a Smite magical ADC build. Telkhine’s Ring has had its magical power increased by 10. This might not seem like a lot, but Sol having 100 power will allow her to pack more of a punch. Demonic Grip might have seen a small nerf, as it reduces protections by 10% instead on 12% per stack, but it will still be a strong item for Sol, and is still a must for her in lane.

Telkhine’s Ring has been given some love and can be great for Sol and other magical adcs in Smite (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Then there is the new item, Ring of Hecate. It could replace Bancroft’s Talon as the go-to lifesteal item in a magical ADC build. Sol’s damage scales depending on how much heat she has gotten through her passive. With the item giving 10% extra lifesteal when you hit enemy gods with basic attacks, Ring of Hecate will work really well on her as she already wants to poke to keep her heat level up. This will also allow her to box better in lane, as she can output plenty of damage, on top of giving her 22% extra lifesteal if she is hitting her basic attacks.

Ring of Hecate is a new item in Smite and likely to be a key item, providing everything a magical adc, like Sol, would want (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

The item changes in Smite have brought magical ADCs back into a strong position in the duo lane. Sol could shine very bright in the new season, and will be a force to be reckoned with from the duo lane.

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