The 5 spookiest Smite Halloween skins of all time

Halloween has its origins in polytheistic traditions, so a great way to celebrate it is with a game in which all of human civilization’s deities fight each other. Smite certainly has plenty of Halloween themed skins to choose from to get you in a spooky mood.  Here are five of our favorites!

Bloody Butcher Ymir

Ymir is already scary in general. You see him emerge from the jungle winding up with his freeze breath, and you know you’re in for a world of hurt. That hurt becomes all the more real when you see this skin’s visual effects for Ymir’s kit. That freeze breath we mentioned? For the Bloody Butcher skin, instead of ice you’re encased in steel and blood. Metal!

And let’s not forget about Ymir’s signature ultimate. For Bloody Butcher, it becomes a literal fountain of blood.  To top it off, it includes one the funniest spooky voice lines in Smite: “Don’t think of it as losing an arm;  think of it as gaining a stump.”

Slaughterhouse Chaac

You want blood? Slaughterhouse Chaac  has you covered, literally and figuratively. While this skin can only display so much blood due to Smite’s Teen/13+ rating, there are still plenty of subtle touches that elevate the spookiness. The Jason mask, the evil laughter, and the directed taunts (especially towards Scylla) all make this a classic among Smite Halloween  skins.

Smite Slaughterhouse Chaac

Stitched Horror Zhong Kui

For some characters in Smite, it’s about quality over quantity when it comes to skins. Zhong Kui is one of those characters, and his Halloween skin of choice is Stitched Horror.

This loving ode to the Nightmare Before Christmas nails the Oogie Boogie feel in terms of aesthetics. And the visual effects for his kit are nothing to sneeze at either.

This skin is just full of character, so it’s a good one to pick at any time, but picking it at Halloween  makes it all the better.

Grim Mariachi Loki

Fancy yourself a Día de Muertos fan instead of Halloween? Smite’s got you covered there too, with Grim Mariachi Loki. His unique look among Halloween skins, combined with the spooky nature of Loki in general, earn this skin a spot on our list.

Granted, thanks to his recent rework, Loki may have fallen out of favor with old-school Smite fans (or risen in favor, depending on which side of his blades you’ve been on). Even with the rework to his kit, however, Grim Mariachi is a perfect skin to channel your inner desperado, regardless of which holiday you are celebrating.

Smite Grim Mariachi Loki

Gravehound Anubis

While not created specifically with Halloween in mind, we can’t think of another skin that fits so perfectly. It’s a skin for Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, that’s literally a spooky scary skeleton.

Anubis can send shivers down the spines of his opponents already. Pick this skin if you truly want to shock their souls and seal their doom on Halloween night. It’s a classic among Smite skins.

Gravehound Anubis Smite

Honorable mention: Feaster Bunny Bakasura

Yes, this skin for Bakasura is Easter-themed and not Halloween-themed. But that doesn’t stop it from being the scariest skin in Smite!

I mean, look at it. Just… look at it. What were the developers smoking when they came up with this skin? And who had the brilliant idea of pairing the Devourer of Souls, Bakasura, with a holiday full of cuteness and sugar? Even the voice pack is just nightmarish. By the gods, kill it with fire. Lots of fire.

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