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Spellbreak is a game all about devastating elemental magic combos. But what happens if you’re really into listening to a certain element-themed group by the name of Earth, Wind & Fire?

Well ponder no more! Here for your reading pleasure, I present the Earth, Wind & Fire guide for Spellbreak! Now you can groove to the sounds of burning and whimpering enemies as they flee from you in terror. You funky monsters you.

Basically this whole comp revolves around coordinating your abilities in a 3-person squad, functioning separately, then coming together for some dope combos. You will need coordination for these, otherwise they look really cool for a moment and then you die. Honestly, you won’t always be able to coordinate well enough, with fights being as spontaneous and hectic as they are in Spellbreak. But don’t let that stop you from trying it out and being better than me and my friends. When you get these combos right, they can really do a number on your enemies.

Three things you’ll need

First, you’ll need to assemble the team! You’ll need three of six elements available for you to wield in Spellbreak – Earth, Wind and Fire. It’s pretty self explanatory really. So for this combo we’ll need Stoneshaper, Tempest and a Pyromancer. Feel free to stick with just your primary gauntlet if you really want to commit. But I won’t blame you for needing a second gauntlet – you can’t play this comp if you’re dead, after all.

Second, you’ll need some talents! These vary from class to class, but let’s give you a quick rundown. Here’s a Tempest guide to get you wholly acquainted with that class. Tempest takes Dexterity for the added jump height and lower levitation cost, and Escapist so you can run away once you realize you picked the wrong fight.

As for the Pyromancer and Stoneshaper, let me just tell you what talents they take and well, if you die then you die.

Tempest Runes Spellbreak

We’re going for more of a one man army thing here for Pyro. Grab Recklessness for your Spirit and Scavenging for your Body talent, these will help buff you up when out of armor, and subsequently restore some of your armor and health on exile. This is of course assuming you exile someone. I believe in you.

Pyromancer runes Spellbreak

Stoneshaper is going to be the tank of the group. Your Spirit talent is Recovery for damage regeneration over 12 seconds, and your Body talent is Fortitude so you can basically take a free hit every minute. Your Mind talent is really up to you at this point – I’m a big fan of Runic Fluency, but that’s just me. Who doesn’t like a second charge of your rune?

Stoneshaper runes Spellbreak

Speaking of runes, make sure Stoneshaper takes Featherfall. It is absolutely imperative to this strat that you stay in the air as long as possible. Pyro can benefit from this as well, but you have more freedom to choose what you want. Tempest could theoretically take anything, but let’s be honest – you are taking flight anyway.

Most importantly, you will need to outfit yourselves properly for this outing. Pick your best talents and equip your nicest cosmetics; even buy some if you have to. What you may lack in synergy you will make up for in style – and if you can’t exile them, you can at least dazzle ’em.

For more in-depth tips and tactics on how to use each class, check out our Spellbreak guides.

Team attacks so cool you’d swear this was The Avengers

Alright so here we go, this is where we get down to business. I present to you, the Spellbreak Earth, Wind & Fire wombo-combos.

This one is for long range engagements. Stoneshaper and Tempest meet at a high point in the map and take aim – this will take some practice. Tempest’s Wind Shear can push boulders, so start firing and have Stoneshaper toss a boulder into the breeze. The Boulder will go farther than normal, and this thing really goes the distance. Imagine you threw a trebuchet with another trebuchet and then that trebuchet launches a boulder. Okay maybe not that far, but far enough.

You could potentially set the boulder on fire as well, but the wind will put it out, so you would have to time it right. Alternatively, you can have Tempest use flight, then throw the boulder past them and redirect it mid-air to ensure a hit. Note that this will be harder to pull off and won’t go too far in the direction you push it.

Persona 5 All out attack
This is basically your squad

As Pyromancer, summon a firewall and walk through it to activate Firefly (after level 2). Tempest uses Updraft with their tornado and Stoneshaper uses Featherfall. The three of you meet in the sky and the ranged fighters rain down hell while the Stoneshaper uses the flame to catch enemies off guard. Bonus points if you can set fire to the tornado as well as rock fissures, whether with another firewall or your standard fireballs.

When you lack the element of surprise and are just looking for a quick exile – use this. Have Tempest summon a tornado directly on the enemy, and turn it into a fire-nado. Pelt enemies with a continuous blast on fire and wind, and while they’re stuck in the tornado – proceed to throw your boulder(s) for a direct hit. The boulder may even catch on fire before making impact, depending on where your enemy is within the cyclone.

As you can see, these combo tactics are not just for style points. If you pull them off just right, you will make it into highlight reels and win games.

This is why you’re here

Now for the most fundamental part: you will be collectively listening to this playlist the whole time. And I do mean the whole time. Even when spectating, even when loading, even when waiting for your 3rd member to come back from the washroom. If you use Discord, use the listen together function for added synergy. If not, don’t worry, you’ll still be an effective team.

Legend has it that with the proper squad and preparation, jamming to different songs can even net you an instant win. If this game had death chat, all you would hear are cries and screams as your enemies cower in fear. Do not rebuke this power, embrace it.

Now I should mention that this will effectively remove your ability to hear close footsteps and distant fighting. So unless you see it, you are going to be surprised by it. Don’t think of this as a disadvantage though, as you now have the kings of funk-soul on your side. If you are feeling froggy, you can do what I did and just listen to Boogie Wonderland on repeat for the whole game. I promise it does not get old. Seriously.

Okay! Now you’re ready to take on the Hollow Lands in the funkiest and most theme-appropriate way. Always remember the 4 fundamental steps from this guide. Step 1: Boogie, Step 2: Woogie Step 3: Groove Step 4: Profit. Now get out there and remember what I’ve told you. Bring honor to the holy title of Earth, Wind & Fire in Spellbreak.

By the way, if you’re reading this on the day of publishing, congratulations. This is your reward:

Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Official HD Video)

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