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The Conduit class in Spellbreak is shockingly strong. Wielding the power of lightning, the Conduit excels at rapid fire damage while being efficient with runes and mana. Here is our complete guide to playing Conduit in Spellbreak.

Abilities and skills

Your spell attack is Lightning Bolt. This is a rapid fire ability that has some decent range to it. It does suffer from damage falloff, though. With the base mana you start with, you can fire off 6 Lightning Bolts.

Your sorcery is Lightning Strike. This calls down a bolt of lightning which deals damage and Shocks enemies. Shocked enemies are not able to use any abilities. It is one of the strongest forms of crowd control in Spellbreak.

At Level 1, Potential Energy increase the damage of Lightning Bolt after landing consecutive hits. This stacks up to 5 times. This allows for some great early game damage potential.

At Level 2, Overload grants you an extra rune charge upon casting Lightning Strike. While on the surface this may seem nice, for the most part runes already have short cooldowns.

Conduit Spellbreak

At Level 3, Power Surge is one of the strongest Conduit skills in Spellbreak. Casting Lightning Strike removes all spell mana cost for 4 seconds. This means you can free-cast abilities without being punished by the mana cost. It’s exactly as good as it sounds.

At Level 4, Secondary Strike adds 4 additional strikes to Lightning Strike. These sequential strikes hit in the same spot for the same amount of damage. This adds great zone control to Lightning Strike, and and can whittle down unsuspecting enemies.

Interactions with other elements

The conduit class only has interactions with the Toxic Gauntlet, Wind Gauntlet and Frost Gauntlet. When Lightning Bolt or Lightning Storm hits a compatible ability, it will chain and inflict the Shocked effect. Lightning can be chained to Toxic Puddles and Toxic Cloud from the Toxicologist class, Tornadoes from the Tempest class, and water puddles from the Frostborn class.

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