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The Toxicologist is one of the more interesting classes in Spellbreak. Wielding the power of toxic acid, Toxicologists can whittle down their enemies with slows and damage-over-time (DOT) abilities. With the potential to also play stealthy, they can disorient their enemies. Here is your complete guide to playing the Toxicologist class in Spellbreak.

Abilities and skills

Your spell attack is Toxic Spray. This attack is a horizontal cone that launches multiple projectiles. At close range, it is fairly easy to land multiple projectiles on an enemy, while at longer range the spread greatly increases. Your spell applies Corrosion, which deals DOT to armor.

Your sorcery is Toxic Cloud. You launch forward a toxic glob that transforms into a toxic cloud on impact. It has a cooldown of 15 seconds, and the cloud lasts for 5 seconds.Toxic Cloud also applies Corrosion to enemies’ armor. You can be damaged by your own Toxic Cloud, but it will not apply Corrosion to you.

At level 1, Viscosity causes your Toxic Spray to leave behind sticky puddles that slow and deal damage. You are also slowed and can take damage from these puddles. Viscosity allows you to have some zone control and area denial.

At level 2, Vanishing Mists makes you immune to your Toxic Cloud. You also dash upon entering your Toxic Cloud and become invisible. This skill can be strong for repositioning in fights, but can be hard to use because more engagements take place at range.

At level 2, Outbreak causes Toxic Spray to do 75% more damage if cast while invisible. The bonus damage can also be activated by using the Invisibility Rune, so you do not always need to rely on your Toxic Cloud for invisibility.

At level 4, Spreading Sickness gives you two extra charges of Toxic CloudSpreading Sickness allows you to blanket a larger area, and can lead to some strong combos with other element types. The farther the blob travels, the greater the spread on the clouds.

Toxicologist Spellbreak

Interactions with other elements

Frost spell attacks and sorcery both freeze puddles on the ground and Toxic Clouds. Frozen puddles can be skated on. If you attempt to freeze a Toxic Cloud that has an enemy in it, the cloud will instead convert to frost gas that slows into a freeze.

Lightning spell attacks electrify puddles and toxic clouds. This can cause enemies to be shocked. Being shocked means you cannot do anything except move. When combined with Toxic Cloud, this creates a really large shock area.

Fire spell attacks ignite puddles, causing an explosion and creating green fire. You can also ignite the Toxic Cloud, but it only explodes and does not leave a lingering damage area. Both the fire spell attack and fire sorcery can ignite Toxic Spray and Toxic Cloud.

Wind spell attacks cause the puddles to turn into gas. Wind spell attacks can also disperse the Toxic Cloud. Using a wind spell attack on either the puddles or Toxic Gas causes a lingering damage area. It is hard to combo the wind spell attack with Toxic Gas, however, because it pushes the damage area a decent distance.

Stone spell attacks remove toxic puddles, removing the slow and area of effect. The stone sorcery rock toss does’t have any interaction with Toxic Spray or Toxic Cloud. I would avoid running a stone gauntlet with the Toxicologist class in Spellbreak.

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