The 4 strongest talents in Spellbreak

Spellbreak is one of the few battle royales that allows playstyle customization. While some of it is left to chance and luck, talents can be chosen before the match. These talents allow players to augement the way they play. Here are the best talents currently available in Spellbreak.

Focused Mana

This Mind talent is unlocked at the start of the game, and is a very strong pickup considering its low cost. The increased damage while above 80% mana means you can hit an enemy fairly hard if you initiate the fight. Focused Mana pairs well with Frostborn and has great synergy with Conduit and the skill Power Surge. With Power Surge, you can have 4 seconds of extremely high damage output, free of mana cost.


Another Mind talent on our list of best talents in Spellbreak is Harmony. Harmony makes you immune to all slows, freezes, and the shock effect. On top of this, you also get a damage reduction that scales. While the shocked and freeze effects are limited to Frostborn and Toxicologist, many of the other classes have slows. Do not overlook this talent if you want to be an unstoppable powerhouse.


The extra damage and mana while having no armor is very strong. You drop with no armor at the start of the match, meaning you immediately have this talent activated and it can swing fights in your favor. In the mid and late game this talent will completely turn fights and increase your damage capabilities.


Do not overlook this talent, especially in solos. Stopping to consume potions and shards can slow you down and give enemies a chance to clean you up or finish you off. With Thirsty, you reduce that window of opportunity for your enemy, and get yourself back into the fight quicker. Thirsty can also be great in squads, and will let you play as the team’s medic.

For a detailed overview of all talents in the game, check out our Spellbreak talents guide. And stick around with SQUAD for more Spellbreak guides and content.

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