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CES 2023 wrap-up – All the cool gaming tech you should be excited about

With the Consumer Electronics Show over for the year, it’s about time we take a look at some of the coolest CES 2023 gaming tech that we didn’t get a chance to showcase – welcome to the CES 2023 wrap-up!

Spicy new laptops

Starting off, we have 3D laptop screens! Acer unveiled two new laptops utilizing “Spatial Vision” – a technology that uses eye-tracking cameras to follow the user’s face and create a 3D image for them – without a need for special glasses or any kind of Augmented Reality tech. Asus also showcased their own glasses-free 3D screen – but with an OLED twist for crisper 3D rendering. With one of the devices showing off Spatial Vision already being a gaming laptop, Acer has confirmed that 3D gaming is part of the vision. All that’s left now, is to wait.

Alienware also caught some eyes with four new gaming laptops – but we’ll be focusing on the Alienware x14. The Alienware x14 is pretty much what you’d expect from a traditional gaming laptop. It has all the bells and whistles – RGB, 2560x1600 display, 165Hz refresh rate for buttery smooth gameplay – and it’s also the “thinnest gaming laptop in the world”. Yup, this 14-inch gaming goliath actually comes in at just 12.66 in. wide, which isn’t a lot – especially for gaming laptops which are known for being chunky and unwieldy.

Switching it up with some fancy specs

Augmented Reality combines the real world with computer-generated content – essentially a kind of “digital overlay” on reality – think Pokemon GO. Well, AR glasses made an appearance at CES 2023, and they’re a lot cooler than you think. The Vuzix Ultralite™ AR Smart Glasses Platform – or TVUARSGP, for short – are stylish, lightweight, and even prescription ready – which is great for me since I was seriously considering getting a pair. With AR glasses you can have your alerts, directions, translations, and more right in your vision at all times, freeing up your hands. Or,  you could probably use them to game or watch TV in bed, who knows?

Google Glass was really just ahead of its time.

Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 is a hot topic amongst gamers since its announcement, and for good reason. With all new upgrades for a new generation of gaming, it’s been said that PSVR2 could (finally) bring VR into the mainstream – and I’m all for it. PSVR2 touts 4K visuals at up to 120fps, intelligent eye tracking (that also affects your in-game character!), dynamic audio, haptics in the headset and controllers, as well as adaptive triggers. Needless to say, PSVR2 will definitely be turning heads.

Moving on to hand stuff

I know that sounded weird, I would’ve said handhelds but the second item is a keyboard so it doesn’t count.

It looks like Logitech has entered the handheld gaming market – with the Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld – or LGCGH. The LGCGH is a handheld gaming unit similar to your Nintendo Switches and Steam Decks, but with the express purpose of cloud gaming – hence the name. With a 7-inch, 60Hz, full HD touchscreen and cloud libraries from Xbox Game Pass, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and even Steam Link – gamers are free to play wherever they want – provided they have an internet connection, of course. Think of it like a Steam Deck, except you get access to Xbox Game Pass, and it’s cheaper than a Steam Deck…

Custom keyboards are a bit of a rabbit hole, to say the least, but the ROG Azoth mechanical keyboard is making the experience a bit more user-friendly. The Azoth gives players the option to change up their key switches and caps at will, while still maintaining that premium build quality. It has some extra goodies to offer as well – such as wireless connectivity and a whole OLED monitor for your media controls, an audio visualizer, or even just an animation for flare. It even comes with pre-installed gasket mounts and all the tools you need for swapping switches, as well as switch lube, which is nice of them. For any prospective custom keyboard builders, the Azoth is like a gateway drug – but the good kind.

Another CES, another wrapped up wrap-up

That’s it for me and for our CES 2023 wrap-up, but be sure to stick around with SQUAD for more gamer tech – and we’ll see you next year for CES 2024! 

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