LG aims to provide players with the biggest gaming selection, all from their TV

LG had already taken steps to win over gamers with their new 240Hz curved OLED monitors, but now it seems they’re taking aim at a larger playerbase with their new gamer TVs.

One of many gamer-focused offerings at CES 2023 is LG’s new line of cloud-gaming TVs that aim to provide all your gaming needs on one display. This fancy new line of LG gamer TVs comes loaded with the LG Game Card – giving players access to a myriad of titles, all at the press of a button.

These Game Cards allow the usage of webOS on your TV. This, in turn, lets you access popular cloud-gaming services like Amazon Luna and NVIDIA GeForce NOW – all at the touch of a button. You could also use voice commands as well if you prefer, just to be fancy about it.

Cloud gaming actually debuted on LG displays back at the beginning of 2022, with quite a few services arriving on the platform since. With numerous game-streaming options at your command, avid and casual gamers alike can pick up anywhere they want, with no additional gadgets or gizmos required. You’ll still need a controller or mouse and keyboard, of course.

Gone are the old tropes of TVs being worse than gaming monitors. These new displays feature both a 0.1 millisecond response time, as well as ultra-low input lag, for the most intense of gaming sessions. Players can also customize their TV at will, with numerous customization features available. Want to optimize your display for games even further? Run the Game Optimizer, or set genre-based display settings.

With the amount of Cloud-based gaming services already available on LG displays, gaming is becoming more and more accessible to those without consoles or computers to enable them. Soon enough, all players will need to get to gaming is a TV, internet, and a subscription to get into all their favorite games!

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