That’s right, gamer cars are finally on their way

Car-based gaming never really took off – probably because nobody thought it was really feasible – but the Sony Honda Mobility Afeela EV – or SHMAEV for short, will be the first car to let you play PS5 games in it.

Sure, we’ve all thought of it before, and hell, maybe some of us have even done it (I know I have) but it now looks like we’re getting closer to officially having gamer cars. In a very unexpected move, Honda and Sony have partnered up to create the new ‘Afeela’ electric vehicle. The Afeela, as you’ve probably guessed, will be a self-driving smart car, and is slated for release in 2026.

You want to know the best part? Unreal is currently in the process of using game graphics to build realistic environment simulations. Why is that important? Well, the assumption can be made that these simulations will eventually be used to aid the car in its navigation and learning processes.

Basically what I’m saying is – the gamer car will be gaming while you game inside the gamer car.

It’s also worth noting that there has been another gaming car in the past, but that was a one-off marketing stunt, so we won’t count it,

Sony, being Sony, is also working on installing their signature entertainment systems into the car. With dual, interior screens in the rear, it seems like rather than incorporating gaming and entertainment, the car is – at least partially – being built for it. There is also talk of a screen on the front fender of the car. I guess it’s in case you wanted your own digital bumper sticker or something. I can’t stress enough how much I dread thinking about people rolling around with TTV on their bumpers.

Who’s excited for the world’s first gamer car? Admittedly, I strangely am. With a release date three years out, it’ll be interesting to see what else comes of the Afeela production process.

Be sure to keep up with SQUAD for more CES 2023 gaming tech! Who knows, maybe the gaming car won’t be the most unexpected development…

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