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Anyone who has played the original pre-Infinite era Bioshock games knows the city of Rapture is its own micro-world, complete with detailed history and an endless supply of curious details and secrets. Even in the ruined state in which we enter it, Rapture is a living world, and all of its inhabitant – from the story-driver NPCs to the lowliest splicer enemy – has a story to tell.

These stories have been collected and expanded with the help of countless story logs and other resources from all Bioshock games and DLCs to form together a coherent narrative of the history of Rapture. The video below goes over the complete chronology of the doomed city, going all the way back to its inception in the mind of the industrious Andrew Ryan, and tracing all narrative connections between the games.

This episode of The Leaderboard is hosted by Ajay Fry, a seasoned TV and video game industry personality and content creator with over a decade of experience. To stay in touch with Fry, you can follow him on his YouTube channel and Twitter.

The Complete Bioshock Timeline: Rapture Edition! | The Leaderboard

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