The craziest Mortal Kombat movies and TV shows: a complete timeline | The Leaderboard

Aside from being iconic and groundbreaking for the fighting game genre, the Mortal Kombat franchise will certainly be remembered for what it’s done in other media, or rather to other media. While the games are deliciously over the top in just the right way to make you laugh with them as you eviscerate opponent after opponent across blood-sleeked arenas, the Mortal Kombat movies and TV shows are mostly just plain bizarre. They are often as entertaining as the source material, but for the wrong reasons. They are certainly memorable, though.

With the upcoming 2021 Mortal Kombat film arriving soon, the Leaderboard looks back on the legacy of madness the game has left in cinema and TV.

Mortal Kombat's Craziest Movies & TV Shows: A Complete Timeline | The Leaderboard

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