How to build and play Warframe’s best healer Trinity Prime

Since her release, Trinity Prime has always been Warframe‘s premier healer. Using powerful abilities that restore health, shields, and energy, she can make any squad nigh-unstoppable. Though this mighty medic has been confined to the Vault for some time, on May 26, she finally returns.

That means Warframe is about to get a flood of new Trinity players, much to every squishy squad’s relief. Whether you’re picking her up for the first time or just need a refresher, this guide will teach you how best to build and play the peerless Trinity Prime.


Let’s start with a quick rundown of Trinity’s abilities. Though all of Trinity’s abilities have their uses, pay special attention to Energy Vampire and Blessing. These two abilities are extremely powerful and will define your build and playstyle.

Well of Life

Trinity’s first ability is Well of Life. Well of Life can be a… contentious choice of ability to use in battle. When Trinity casts it an enemy, they’re suspended helplessly in midairand have their health pool multiplied by 10 and fully restored. For several seconds, attacking the enemy will restore up to 45% of damage dealt, or more with Ability Strength mods. Once a certain amount of health has been leeched, the ability ends and the target’s health returns to whatever value it had before being targeted. As you can imagine, squadmates will not appreciate you using this on an enemy that needs quick killing. However, if your squad needs a brief respite from a powerful enemy’s attacks, Well of Life can be a good option for putting that bad boy on hold.

trinity prime warframe

Energy Vampire

Trinity’s second ability is Energy Vampire. Using Energy Vampire on an enemy will stagger it and cause it to release four energy-restoring waves over the ability’s duration, to all allies within range. Note that this means the lower the ability’s duration, the faster the waves. Each wave restores a default of 25 energy, or greater with Ability Strength mods. Killing the marked enemy will cause all four waves to emit at once, giving everyone around it an immediate energy boost.


Trinity’s third ability is Link. Using Link will, uh, link Trinity with up to three enemies in range. While linked, Trinity takes 75% less damage and transfers 100% of damage taken, plus Status Effects, to tethered enemies. Though this ability only buffs Trinity herself, it can still be extremely useful for, say, protecting Trinity while she wades into no-man’s-land to revive an ally.


Trinity’s fourth and final ability is Blessing. Blessing restores a default of 80% health and shields to all allies within Affinity Range. That alone makes it well worth the cast, but it doesn’t stop there. The ability then grants a default of 50% damage reduction to all affected squadmates for several seconds. The healing and buff also affect pets, allies, and even defense objects! For all these reasons, Blessing is the most powerful healing ability in the game.

trinity prime warframe abilities

So, now that we know what Trinity can do, let’s talk about how to build and play her.


When playing Trinity, two main builds/playstyles will be your bread and butter. The first centers on pure healing and damage reduction, the second on restoring energy to your allies as quickly as possible. So, first off, take a look at your party and objective. Are you playing with a bunch of glass cannons who need someone to keep them on their feet? Or are you playing with energy-guzzling casters who need a reliable fount to fuel their destruction?

Note that these builds prioritize conflicting stats, so hybridization isn’t ideal. For serious missions, you’ll likely need to choose one or the other to carry your team to victory.

Blessed Trinity: for pure heals and damage reduction

Unsurprisingly, this build centers on Trinity’s fourth ability, Blessing. To optimize this ability’s healing and damage reduction, you’ll want to focus on Ability Strength and Duration. Not only will these increase the percentage of health and shields restored on each cast, but also the potency and length of the damage reduction buff afterward. Since each cast of Blessing consumes a fair chunk of energy, boosting Trinity’s efficiency is also a reasonable investment.

trinity prime warframe augur secrets

  • Strength mods: Intensify, Power Drift, Augur Secrets
  • Duration mods: Continuity, Constitution
  • Efficiency mods: Streamline

Playing Blessed Trinity is pretty simple. Stay within Affinity Range of your squad and keep an eye on their health and shields. Whenever someone is about to drop, cast Blessing to top them up.

Keep an eye on everyone’s energy levels as well. If needed, cast Energy Vampire on enemies with low health, then kill them ASAP. This playstyle will ensure that your squadmates stay in top shape, even when taking on difficult enemies.

Energy Vampire: for fast and efficient energy boosts

While the Blessed Trinity build focuses on increasing Ability Duration, the Energy Vampire (EV) build aims to cut it down as much as possible. Why? Well, remember how using Energy Vampire causes a marked enemy to emit four energy-restoring waves? Cutting ability duration ensures you get all four as quickly as possible.

For that reason you’ll want to maximize Trinity’s Power Range and Strength. To do this, we’re going to have to juggle several corrupted mods that actually reduce Duration while boosting the relevant stats.

trinity prime warframe transient fortitude

  • Strength mods: Transient Fortitude, Intensify, Blind Rage
  • Range mods: Overextended, Cunning Drift, Stretch
  • Efficiency mods: Fleeting Expertise

When playing Trinity the Energy Vampire, you’ll want to cast Energy Vampire constantly. This is especially true if you’re playing alongside high-maintenance casters like Saryn or Banshee. At the same time, don’t be afraid to use Blessing when needed. Though your minimal Duration pretty much kills the damage reduction effect, it’ll still restore your squadmates’ health and shields.

Trinity (especially Trinity Prime) is a welcome addition to any Warframe squad—especially if you know how to play her right. And if you’ve read this guide, hopefully, that means you do. So get out there, dish out some heals and energy boosts, and bask in the adoration that all skilled healers deserve.

Or just revel in holding the power of life and death in your hands. That works, too.

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