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Stealth is wealth

Ivara is a stealth/huntress style Warframe, with a versatile toolkit that is useful in almost every mission. Except you’ll only use her for Spy missions because she pretty much trivializes every challenge in them.

Let us take a look at how creative the developers have been with her ability toolkit.

Understanding Ivara’s versatile toolkit even though you’re just gonna spam her 3

Ivara’s Passive Ability highlights enemies within 20 meters on your radar. But we don’t look at the radar in Warframe, because the game has a movement mechanic so smooth it takes less time to actually cover 20 meters.

Warframe Ivara

Ivara’s allows you to choose one out of four tactical arrows. These arrows can:

  • make enemies sleep – which won’t matter because of the Saryn on your team murdering them within nanoseconds.
  • send random ziplines across the room – I legit just use this to pretend to be a tightrope artist.
  • make “noise” to distract unalerted enemies – you’ll never use this because enemies will already be alerted by that teammate setting them on fire with a flamethrower.
  • create an area that turns those within it invisible – this is fun, you can cast up to three of these at a time and make your entire team invisible.

Ivara’s allows you to gain control of your weapon projectile after you shoot it, which pairs well with her 4.

Ivara’s is called Prowl, which is the only ability name you’re going to remember. Prowl makes you invisible while slowly draining your Energy. This sounds a bit risky, but with the right mods, you’re going to have a lot of Energy with a crawling drain.

Ivara’s summons an Exalted bow that shoots multiple arrows at once and makes deep plunk noises whenever it penetrates through enemies. The “Artemis Bow” is very powerful and can be pretty fun to use when paired with Ivara’s 2. Being able to control your arrows is pretty useful, and the steering controls are pretty smooth too.

How to do Spy Sorties without pissing teammates off

For the longest time, I just couldn’t do Spy Sorties. I would be that guy who either blew off the alarms, or stayed back and let the other three teammates save the data. This was until I got Ivara and her mod, Infiltrate.

Infiltrate – Prowl Augment – Ivara is able to bypass laser barriers and gains 25% movement speed.

Using this combo in Spy missions basically means that you’re A) invisible and undetectable by enemies or cameras, and B) immune to lasers protecting the data.

Ivara + Infiltrate = immunity from lasers

This is the closest we’re going to get to having old school cheat codes in Warframe. It’s hilarious watching people jump around and sneak through vents on the map to get to the data while you simply walk over to it like there’s nothing protecting it.

Here’s my Spy build for Ivara, with lots of Efficiency and Duration.

Ivara Spy Build

When in Spy missions, make sure you don’t try to sprint or Bullet Jump as it will make you visible for that period of time again. Roll around to move faster, and glide to cover longer distances when jumping without losing your invisibility.

You can do other fun stuff with invisibility, too. For example, if you add range and duration to your build, it will let you pop large invisibility rings on the floor, which can conceal your entire team. This can be pretty useful in a super-high level mission to protect your teammates.

Keep in mind, that being invisible in Warframe using frames such as Ivara or Loki grants you a stealth buff, such as melee weapons getting a staggering 700% damage buff. This is one of the reasons why Loki manages to be a DPS-machine. Ivara, however, is limited by her Prowl’s condition that makes you visible whenever you try to sprint or bullet jump. Being invisible in a corner in a Survival mission while spamming arrows through hordes of enemies can certainly contribute to DPS, but it will get redundant after a while.

How to obtain Ivara without losing your job

Ivara is the kind of Warframe that, if you really wanted to get her the right way by obtaining each part, you’d have to quit your job and grind Spy missions all day. Her components drop from Spy missions with a single-digit drop chance for each part, which is ironic considering Ivara herself is the best Warframe to do Spy missions with.

The best way to save time and get Ivara is to simply:

  • farm Void Relics
  • sell Prime parts for Platinum
  • buy an Ivara Prime set from traders

The vanilla frame costs 325, and the Prime frame is currently selling for under 100.

Ivara is definitely one of the most useful Warframes in the game, considering how often we get Spy Sorties. With a stealth-based toolkit and a hard-hitting Exalted weapon, she’s surely worth grabbing.

Ivara can certainly be useful as a DPS Warframe, but that would require you to have the right team, AKA playing solo. Being a newer Prime, Ivara Prime will also be cheap for a very long time and will save you the long grind of getting her base Warframe.

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