Report indicates Warframe could be coming to mobile

Warframe has already carved out a sizable territory for itself on PC and console. Now, it may be eyeing a new conquest: the mobile market. Leyou Tech, the parent company of Digital Extremes, recently released an annual report for 2019 discussing this new frontier.

“Our strategy is to integrate the proven successful products on PC and consoles to mobile devices to provide a cross-platform gaming experience for our users,”Chairman Xu Yiran states in the report. Later on, there’s also the coy little suggestion of expanding Warframe to “next-generation consoles and other devices.” Though a future mobile launch for Warframe has not been officially announced, the report certainly flirts with the idea.

As any Tenno can tell you, turning Warframe into a mobile experience will be a challenge. Between ranged weaponry, melee, abilities, and movement, there’s a lot to be squeezed into simple touchscreen controls. Still, standouts like Call of Duty Mobile and Afterpulse have proven that it’s possible to bring a console experience to mobile devices. Plus, new mobile controllers like Razer’s Kishi are making it easier than ever to bypass typical touchscreen limitations.

Razer Kishi
Mobile controllers like the Razer Kishi may help ease Warframe’s potential transition to a mobile game.

It also wouldn’t be Digital Extreme’s first time bringing Warframe to smaller screens. In 2018, they released Warframe on the Nintendo Switch. The port won favorable reviews for the game’s smooth performance on a less powerful platform. There’s also the official Warframe companion app on mobile. Though it’s far from the full experience, it does allow for some basic in-game interactions, like building new gear and collecting resources.

That said, porting the whole game onto a mobile platform will still be a huge effort. Warframe’s “base game” alone is sweeping enough as is. Who knows how huge content updates like Empyrean will fare on mobile platforms?

Until we receive more information on these vague plans, this report gives us plenty to ponder about Warframe‘s future as a mobile game.

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