20 Wordle clones worthy of your fleeting attention

Wordle is the word game on everyone’s lips. The New York Times even bought the game last January for an undisclosed seven-figure sum. As much as Wordle is fun, you only get to play it once a day. If you would like to continue guessing after your daily word puzzle, here are 20 Wordle clones that scratch the same itch.


If Wordle is too easy for you, give Quordle a try. Instead of one word each day, you have to guess four words at the same time.


Is guessing four words still too easy? Octordle will make you guess eight words at the same time.


Still too easy? Sedecordle is sixteen Wordles at the same time. But if you are looking for way more than that, Nordle is the best pick – you can play as many words at the same time as you want.


Survivle is the exact opposite of Wordle. Instead of guessing a word, you have to avoid finding the right answer for as long as you can.


Worldle is Wordle for globetrotters. Each day, you have to guess a country. The game will not tell you which letter is correct but gives you directional and distance clues for how far you are to the correct answer.


If you like to travel but don’t want to guess an entire country, Airportle might be a good pick for you. It is just like Wordle, but for three-letter airport codes.


There are no words to find in Mathler. Instead, you have to find a hidden calculation in six guesses or less. The only hint is the result of the calculation – other than that, you have to guess everything by yourself.


Squabble is just like Wordle, but it features competitive multiplayer. You can play against your friends or up to 99 people.


Globle is similar to Worldle, where you have to guess a country. But instead of a direction and distance, you get a hot or cold indication telling you how close you are.


Swordle is Wordle for Star Wars fans. Every answer has a link to a galaxy far, far away. Even the keyboard wears a Star Wars theme, with a delete key that looks like the Millennium Falcon.


Nerdle is similar to Mathler, but you don’t have the result of the calculation handed to you at the beginning of the game. Instead, you have to guess the entire calculation, including the result.


If you don’t like calculations but still like numbers, Numberle is a worthy Wordle clone for math lovers. Every day, you have six tries to find a secret five-digit number.


Considering the popularity of Wordle, it was only a matter of time before someone created an NSFW version of the game. Enters Lewdle, a game that makes you guess swear words.


Sweardle is like Lewdle, making you guess swear words on a daily basis. But instead of five-letter words, you have to find four-letter words.


In Adverswordle, you don’t have to guess a word. Instead, you are the one to define which word an AI must find. Your score depends on how many guesses the AI took to find out your word.


This one is really unique, as it starts without a secret word for you to guess. Absurdle has no correct answer when you start playing. Instead, the game starts with 2,315 possibilities. Each time you enter a word, Absurdle will try to keep as many options as possible, until you eventually corner the AI into having a single possible word left.


Cloudle is Wordle, but for the weather. Every day, the game names a city, and you have to guess the five-day forecast for that city.


Do you think you know everything about Pokemon? Then you should give Squirdle a try. Every day, this Wordle alternative makes you guess one Pokemon from the entire Pokedex. That includes all regional variants and mega-evolved forms, for a total of over 898 possible answers. Good luck, trainer!


This daily word game challenges your knowledge of LGBTQ+ slang. The words are not fixed to five letters but can vary between four and eight letters.


As you can clearly see at this point, there is a Wordle clone out there for basically everything. So it was only a matter of time before Swifties, the fans of Taylor Swift, created their own version. Taylordle is a Wordle clone featuring any word that has a link with Taylor Swift, from album names to lyrics, and anything related to her life. I am not sure if you should mention her exes, but that is no reason to leave a Blank Space.

These are only some of the Wordle-likes we wanted to highlight. There are plenty more out there for you to discover.

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