Wordle words of the week, ranked by difficulty – April 3, 2022

The Wordle words of this week were easier to guess than last week’s. But some of them were really tricky! Here are the Wordle words of this week, ranked by difficulty.

Stove – March 30

The easier Wordle answer of this week was stove. With five unique letters among the most common ones, finding this word was not as complicated as others in this list.

Trope – April 2

Trope was also one of the easiest Wordle answers of this week, for the same reasons as stove.

Snout – April 1

This is not an April Fools’ joke: the Wordle answer of April 1st was snout. Even if you didn’t have the flair to put it as your starting word, snout is pretty easy to guess with common letters and two different vowels.

Shall – March 29

You shall not pass! Today’s answer was part of Gandalf’s iconic line in the first Lord of the Rings movie. Shall is not the easiest word to find out, but it is common enough for most players to guess it.

Lowly – March 31

Lowly raises the difficulty of this week’s Wordle answers. It does feature two different vowels, but they are not the most common ones to put in a starting word. Double L is also tricky, so add a W in the mix and you are in for a few extra guesses.

Fewer – April 3

While fewer is not a complicated word, it does feature the same vowel twice. And as E is the only vowel in the word, it can take some time to get all the letters right.

Found – March 28

Found looks like an easy word to guess, but it is a tricky one. There are plenty of words ending in “-ound”, like sound, pound, or round. So unless F is part of your starting word, guessing found might not be as easy as it looks.

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