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If you are wondering why they are adding an add-on to the Doctor, it is because of the formula they have adopted and are trying to implement for all killers. They want all killers to have 2 ultra-rare add-ons, 4 very rare add-ons, 5 rare add-ons, 5 uncommon add-ons, and 4 common add-ons. With that in mind, who I see next in line for adjustments is one of the remaining killers without this add-on layout: either Hillbilly, Leatherface, or Huntress. – Victoria Crego, The Upcoming Dead by Daylight Doctor Changes Explained

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No seriously, what the hell are the Puma gaming socks for? How do the people who work for Puma think videogames work? If we wanted to be very charitable, we could assume these ‘socks’ might be good for AR/VR gaming. There is nothing worse than messing up on Beat Saber because you were wearing socks on hardwood and fell on your ass. – Stuart Benson, Who Told Puma Anyone Wanted “Gaming Socks”?

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When Ubisoft announced they would be censoring parts of Rainbow Six Siege in order to expand into “Asian territories”, they faced heavy criticism from players and news outlets alike for pandering to the Chinese market. China happened to be the only territory to take issue with the original design. After outcry from fans, the decision was reversed just under three weeks later. – Kevin Dewan, The Rainbow Six Siege Wamai Dance Will Most Likely Return

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Within a couple of hours, I had done it. I had a world record speedrun in a video game. I could officially brag to people that I was a world record holder only to then disappoint them with what it was. It’s the kind of thing that you say to get someone’s attention, and when you tell them the context, they never want to speak to you again. But that’s the way I like it. A big show followed by disappointment. – Cameron Keighley, I Cheesed My Way To a Plague Inc. World Record And You Can Too

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